Interview: Ethan Smith

Just a few months ago, I became intrigued with a highly publicized debate between Iglesia ni Cristo's Bro. Joe Ventilacion, and Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries.  The debate was oriented around the deity of Jesus Chris, with Dr. White in the affirmative, and Mr. Ventilacion in the negative.  Not only was the … Continue reading Interview: Ethan Smith

The Deception of the #INC

The Iglesia Ni Cristo claims to be the one true church and the restoration of the original church founded by Jesus, and that all other Christian churches are apostates.  INC doctrine cites that the official registration of the Church with the Government of the Philippine Islands on July 27, 1914, by Felix Y. Manalo—upheld by … Continue reading The Deception of the #INC

Debate: Who Is God?

This past Friday on April 21st, Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries and Bro. Joe Ventilacion of Iglesia ni Cristo engaged in a debate on the nature of the Trinity. The debate was moderated by Dale Bartcher of Family Heritage Alliance, and was arranged and coordinated by South Dakota Apologetics. Dr. White defended the … Continue reading Debate: Who Is God?