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“The free will of man has become such a hotly contested subject in today’s modern church, particularly with the imbalance in perspective that comes from both reformed and Arminian viewpoints. I wrote an exposition of the 9th section of the 1689 London Baptist Confession (LBC) as part of a writing assignment, which I think does a tremendous service to the church – even to those who do not hold to the confession ecclesiastically – in defining and identifying the ways Scripture speaks of God’s sovereignty and man’s free will.”

“A paper considering the merits and justification for using confessions within the local church and global church contexts.”

Book Reviewsbook review3

  • The Creedal Imperative / Carl Trueman
    “Practically speaking, how can the church faithfully fulfill her commission if she cannot or will not fly her colors at full mast? Upon which grounds can there be unity in the church without a common consensus of belief? And can the church really be salt and light if it is not clear about its message and practice?”
  • Biblical Doctrine / John MacArthur & Richard Mayhue
    “Biblical Doctrine is thoroughly comprehensive. I can quibble where more space should have been dedicated for deeper discussion. But overall, every major doctrinal topic is adequately and respectfully addressed.”

Album Reviewsalbum

  • The Corner Room / Love Never Ends
    “There are albums that come along and stir your soul in such unique ways.  That happened for me this spring when I first heard about The Corner Room.”
  • The Corner Room / Psalm Songs Vol. II
    “Writing music for Scripture songs is not for the faint of heart and takes an acute skill. There must be sobriety when you handle the text of Scripture. Namely, it is difficult to have literal faithfulness to the text, and still create pleasant and sensible structure to the music. The music ‘makes sense’ and engages you with joy and purpose, and truly brings the Scripture alive.”
  • Indelible Grace IV: Joy Beyond The Sorrow
    “You’re truly in for a treat with this album and certain to be encouraged with its life-giving texts, artfully framed by fitting, beautiful music.”
  • Indelible Grace VII: Look To Jesus
    “When skilled musicians are able to bring dying and dead hymns back to life to be enjoyed by even just one more generation, there is godly pleasure to be found.”
  • Sovereign Grace MusicPrayers of the Saints Live
    This is without a doubt, one of the best albums they have ever produced, and one that is sure to serve the people of God in our worship.


  • Allen Dicharry / Executive Pastor at Sovereign Grace Church in Midland, TX
  • Luke Morton / Pastor of Worship at Greek Lake Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA