books iconWhile perhaps missing a few of your favorite titles, this is a list of books that I considerable invaluable in my theological and spiritual growth and maturity.  This you might call my own “Quintissential Book List”, authors in a few different categories:

Systematic Theology

John Calvin (Institutes of the Christian Religion)
Kevin Vanhoozer (The Drama of Doctrine and Remythologizing Theology)
Michael Horton (The Christian Faith and Covenant Theology)
Herman Bavinck (Reformed Dogmatics: 4 Vol. and Our Reasonable Faith)
*fascinating article on why you should read him, thanks to Derek Rishmawy
Richard Muller (Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics: 4 Vol.)
Wayne Grudem (Introduction to Biblical Doctine)
John MacArthur (Biblical Doctrine)
Geerhardus Vos (Redemptive History and Biblical Interpretation and Reformed Dogmatics)
John Frame (Systematic Theology)

The Gospel

Sinclair Ferguson (Repentance, The Whole Christ and In Christ Alone)
John MacArthur (The Gospel According to Jesus)
Robert A. Peterson (Our Secure Salvation and Election and Free Will)
Martin Luther (The Bondage of the Will)
Richard Phillips (Doctrines of Grace and Only One Way?)
R.C. Sproul (Chosen and Justified by Faith Alone)
From Heaven He Came and Sought Her (ed. David & Jonathan Gibson)


John Owen (Overcoming Sin and Temptation)
J.I. Packer (Knowing God)
Thomas Boston (The Crook in the Lot)
Henry Scougal (The Life of God in the Soul of Man)
Thomas Watson (Repentance and The Great Gain of Godliness)
Jerry Bridges (Bookends and Respectable Sins)
The Valley of Vision Puritan Prayers (ed. Arthur Bennett)
Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Cost of Discipleship)
A.W. Tozer (Knowledge of the Holy and Pursuit of God)
John Piper (Desiring God and Future Grace and pretty much everything else, so much joy!)
John Flavel (Suffering and Sovereignty)
Richard Sibbes (The Bruised Reed and Glorious Freedom)

Biblical Studies

John MacArthur (Slave and One Perfect Life)
Kim Riddlebarger
 (Amillennialism and Man of Sin)
Sam Storms (Kingdom Come)
A.W. Pink (The Sovereignty of God)
G.K. Beale (Erosion of InerrancyRevelation and The Temple and the Church’s Mission)
C.H. Spurgeon (Treasury of DavidSword and the Trowel and Faith’s Checkbook)
They Word Is Truth (ed. Richard Gaffin & Peter Lillback)
James Hamilton (God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment)
John Frame (A Theology of Lordship, 4 Vol.)
Meredith Kline (God, Heaven, and Har Mageddon)


Cornelius Van Til (Defense of the FaithCredo and Survey of Christian Epistemology)
Tim Keller (Reason for God and Jesus the King)
Douglas Wilson (Against the ChurchPersuasions and The Rhetoric Companion)
Scott Oliphant (The Battle Belongs to the Lord and Covenental Apologetics)

Christian Ministry

Bob Kauflin (Worship Matters and True Worshippers)
John Piper (We Are Not Professionals and The Supremacy of God in Preaching)
Alexander Strauch (Biblical Eldership and Bite and Devour)
Brian Chapell (The Hardest Sermons and Christ-Centered Worship)
Colin Marshall/Tony Payne (The Trellis and the Vine)
Alistair Begg (Preaching for God’s Glory and On Being a Pastor)
Richard Baxter (The Reformed Pastor)
Paul David Tripp (Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands)
James Bannerman (The Church of Christ)
J.C. Ryle (Simplicity in Preaching)

Philosophy and Sociology

Vern Poythress (Redeeming on mathematics/philosophy/sociology/sciences and Inerrancy and Worldview)
Blaise Pascal (Pensees)
Philip Ryken (Art for God’s Sake and Pastors in the Classics)
Francis Schaeffer (A Christian Manifesto)
Andreas Köstenberger (Heresy of Orthodoxy and Excellence)