My Baptism. Twice?

What a Christ-exalting, encouraging piece from Britny.

Birdy under His wing.

I was baptized today. For the 2nd time in my life.

First, let me explain why I believe baptism is important, and then I’ll tell you why I’ve done it twice.

As a Christian, I believe that we are commanded to be baptized (Matthew 28:19).
I, as an imperfect human, have committed terrible crimes against a perfect and Holy God (Romans 3:23). Sin. We all have. God tells us we deserve hell for that (Romans 6:23). God being Holy cannot let sin slide- It needs a just penalty. Being the perfectly just Judge that He is- Hell is the just punishment.

But Jesus.

Jesus Christ came as God, to live sinlessly- and to die for sin. My sin. Yours too. He did die for it. He didn’t stay in the tomb where he was laid to rest. Jesus, being all powerful God, did the unimaginable. He came back. He rolled…

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John Piper: “The basis of our hope that God is for us…. is the death and righteousness of Christ, counted as ours through faith alone.”

A great post by Chris

Chris Whisonant

Sometimes John Piper can appear to sound a little “off” with regards to justification, sanctification, and glorification. As with anything else, it’s always good to at least offer a charitable reading in context. For example, this excerpt from the Conclusion (pages 184-186) in The Future of Justification is quite good.

Here I Stand
Our only hope for living the radical demands of the Christian life is that God is totally for us now and forever. Therefore, God has not ordained that living the Christian life should be the basis of our hope that God is for us. That basis is the death and righteousness of Christ, counted as ours through faith alone. On the cross Christ endured for us all the punishment required of us because of our sin. And in order that God, as our Father, might be completely for us and not against us forever, Christ has performed…

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