Striving Toward God’s Presence

"In the deep recesses of man's soul lies an overwhelming yearning toward the Creator. This is a common thread through all humanity, created in the image of God. Unless and until that desire is fully met, the human soul remains restless, constantly striving for that which is ultimately unattainable." "The average person, unable to understand … Continue reading Striving Toward God’s Presence

My Baptism. Twice?

What a Christ-exalting, encouraging piece from Britny.

Birdy under His wing.

I was baptized today. For the 2nd time in my life.

First, let me explain why I believe baptism is important, and then I’ll tell you why I’ve done it twice.

As a Christian, I believe that we are commanded to be baptized (Matthew 28:19).
I, as an imperfect human, have committed terrible crimes against a perfect and Holy God (Romans 3:23). Sin. We all have. God tells us we deserve hell for that (Romans 6:23). God being Holy cannot let sin slide- It needs a just penalty. Being the perfectly just Judge that He is- Hell is the just punishment.

But Jesus.

Jesus Christ came as God, to live sinlessly- and to die for sin. My sin. Yours too. He did die for it. He didn’t stay in the tomb where he was laid to rest. Jesus, being all powerful God, did the unimaginable. He came back. He rolled…

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