Wade Carefully

“I tagged him in the post, but he didn’t respond. He can’t defend it, a coward.”

This is far too often the lense of the online-and-quasi-public theologian. There was a time when, in order to *meaningfully* engage on a subject with an adept theologian, you needed to have demonstrated effort and labor on your part. Yes it’s about preparing yourself for a discussion/debate. And certainly we need to be learning ourselves. But it’s also about respect. Respect for the (presumably) years of toil and energy by your counterpart.

This should not be misinterpreted as an “ivory tower/elitist” perspective. In the age of social media, the undercurrent doesn’t just scream, “We all have a voice!” It’s screams, “We all have an equal voice!”

That simply cannot be said on every topic.

There is such a thing as an “expert.” I realize we have a bad taste in our mouths after 2+ years of “trusting the experts” in COVIDlandia. I’m only asking that, when we’re discussing matters of exegesis, textual criticism, and doctrinal clarity, we extend a bit of humility.

We all must read and (by way of application) understand the Scriptures. We must clarify doctrine. But especially for us younger fellows, let’s work to extend the respect due to seasoned men with whom we may disagree, placing our zeal under control as we wade into deeper waters.

The old Proverb says it best, “Zeal is not good without knowledge.”

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