Song of the Month: July 2021

Your grace that I cannot explain
Not by my earthly wisdom
The prince of life, without a stain
Was traded for this sinner

The lyrical craftsmanship, though not flawless, is so strong. They shines in topical development. It follows the theme of grace through the believer’s life.

  • Verse 1 introduces the theme, that grace comes from Jesus’ blood and not our merit.
  • Verse 2 celebrates the Gospel call going out to every tribe and nation.
  • Verse 3 ponders the unfathomable exchange of righteous robes for our sinful rags
  • Verse 4 culminates in the believer’s doxological journey in grace to our eternal home

The chorus is our response:

By grace I am redeemed
By grace I am restored
And now I freely walk
Into the arms of Christ my Lord

It’s hard to write simple melodies that are still worth singing. It’s even harder to write a simple, memorable lyric to match. In fact, in the worthy desire to restore depth to our lyrical theology on Sunday mornings, modern hymnwriters can tend to overcompensate at times. The greatest and most enduring of hymns wed solid theology into musical doxology that is accessible, memorable, and repeatable. “Grace” strikes this balance between simplicity and good theology in a way few if any other modern hymns match.

Words by Niki Shepherd, Jonny Robinson and Rich Thompson. © 2016 CityAlight Music.

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