Song of the Month: June 2021

You called us, Lord, to join Your work
To raise a pure and holy church
A temple made of living stones
United as Your Spirit’s home;
And so we pray: “Lord, build Your church!”
Deploy Your saints across the earth;
Destroy hell’s feeble, falling gates;
And glory in Your church’s praise!

Words by Chris Anderson; Music by Greg Habegger. © 2019 Church Works Media. All rights reserved.

“I will build My church…” As Jesus’ words in Matthew 16:18 continue to resound through the annals of history, this momentous promise by Christ is something we pray often at FCL. We desire to see the building and strengthening of local churches from Lubbock to Antananarivo to Kitwe to Yadgir to Amanzimtoti; and we rejoice in seeing God’s power demonstrated in both known and unknown places around the world.

Chris Anderson and Greg Habegger of Church Works Media wrote this hymn to commemorate the Lord’s faithfulness of 50 years to their church in Killian, Georgia. Lord, Build Your Church is both petition and praise based on Christ’s promise. And this isn’t a promise that has only been answered for 50 years (as is the case in Killian), or for only 18 years (as is the case for our very own Fellowship Church!). This is 2,000 years and counting.

In the words of Anderson, “We are part of something ancient, something inevitable, something supernatural – the Church of Jesus Christ. May the Lord who Owns and Builds the church be honored through this hew hymn about an old promise.

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