Song of the Month: April 2021

“Though tears now veil our eyes
Your steadfast love, our perfect hope
Our eyes are fixed on grace
We have no doubt You’ll lead us home
To finally see Your face”

When it comes to remembering God’s faithfulness, we can be especially forgetful, can’t we? One striking example of this is in Exodus, where in the span of just a couple of chapters, we see the Israelites delivered from slavery and brought through the Red Sea, and they are soon grumbling about not having anything to eat. We want to call out to them through the pages of history, “Don’t you remember what God just did for you? He stood the water up like two walls, you walked through the Red Sea!” And then of course, we remember that we do the same sort of thing. Perhaps even just this week, God may have brought you through a trial, answered a prayer. But isn’t it easy, that within just a few days, it can be almost completely forgotten. Thankfully, we have to find ways of remembering God’s faithfulness.

In Joshua 3, we read about another amazing miracle God performed for his people, causing the Jordan River to stop flowing so they could cross. God instructed Joshua to take 12 stones—one for each tribe—and set them up as a memorial, as a remembrance of what He had accomplished for his people that day. God is so gracious to us. He knows that we are forgetful. So He gives us memorials, and commands us to do certain things than serve as reminders throughout Scripture that include pondering His works, thanking Him, and telling others. Even the Lord’s Supper (which we’ll partake together this Sunday) is a profound way of remembering and proclaiming what God has done.

In Psalm 77:12, we read, “I will ponder all your work, and meditate on your mighty deeds.” When we gather as the church, one way we do this is through singing. In Our Song from Age to Age, each verse progresses through the “memorial stones” of who God is, and what mighty works He has done:

  • Verse 1 – “You loved us when we fell away, poured mercy on our souls; and promised grace would come to save, to loose death’s iron hold”
  • Verse 2 – “The God who took on flesh, Who did all that the Father willed”
  • Verse 3 – “God Who surely guides our steps through tempests and through trials”
  • Verse 4 – “What eyes of faith have strained to see will one day fill our sight”

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