Sunday Worship Guide

A guide of songs and scripture for our January 3, 2021 worship service. There are details of our services that are not listed below. The elements listed here are provided for those who wish to use them for private and/or public worship, prayer, and learning.


We have the privilege of addressing [God] as Father, and there is the reality of a family relationship, but that relationship does not change the truth that we are creatures and He is the Creator. To be in His throne room with the great seraphim and romp around the throne as loving children is not a familial privilege—it is insolence to the Almighty. You never see that picture in Scripture. In that throne room, love must always be joined with reverence. We must continually ask ourselves as ministers, officers, and members of His church, what does our worship say about our God to those who observe?

John Sartelle

The Lord’s Supper

Scripture Reading: Psalm 37:1-20

Sermon Text: Psalm 119:25-32 (Pastor Eric Barbee)


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