Striving Toward God’s Presence

“In the deep recesses of man’s soul lies an overwhelming yearning toward the Creator. This is a common thread through all humanity, created in the image of God. Unless and until that desire is fully met, the human soul remains restless, constantly striving for that which is ultimately unattainable.”

“The average person, unable to understand this passion for intimacy with God, fills his life with things, hoping somehow to satisfy his inward longing. He chases that which is exterior, hoping to satisfy that inner thirst, but to no avail.”

“Such is the plight of humanity. We are born to ascend into the very environment of God’s presence where we belong; but something has clipped our wings, disabling us from responding to the cry from within. ‘Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me’ (Ps. 42:7). Because man is shut out of the presence of God, he suffers many maladies.”

“The good news is that the heart of man truly hungers for God’s presence and that all of the great barriers prohibiting that striving after God have been overcome in Jesus Christ.”

A.W. Tozer in “Experiencing the Presence of God

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