My 2018 Reading List

As a pretty avid reader, I read frequently. Sometimes in spurts, but mostly fairly regularly in the time allotted with 5 children clamoring for attention!

Each year, Tim Challies publishes an exceptional plan called the Christian Reading Challenge. Divided into sections, based on reading appetite, it’s a great tool to help motivate reading in an organized and purposeful

You can check it out as a PDF here.  Here’s my list:

  • Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World by Eric Metaxas
  • Some Pastors and Teachers by Sinclair Ferguson
  • The Gospel According to God: Rediscovering the Most Remarkable Chapter in the Old Testament by John MacArthur
  • The Fatal Tree by Stephen Lawhead
  • Unfashionable by Tullian Tchividjian
  • The Crook in the Lot by Thomas Boston
  • Mothers of the Wise and Good by Jabez Burns
  • Life Together by Dietrich Boenhoffer
  • Future Grace by John Piper
  • Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated
    by Shea Serrano
  • Reading the Bible Supernaturally: Seeing and Savoring the Glory of God in Scripture by John Piper
  • The Myth of a Christian Nation by Greg Boyd
  • Christ and Culture: Revisited by D.A. Carson
  • On the Holy Spirit by St. Basil of Caesarea
  • Baptism in the Early Church by H.F. Stander, J.P. Louw
  • Shaken by Tim Tebow
  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas by Frederick Douglas
  • The Art of Prophesying by William Perkins
  • Brothers, We Are Not Professionals: A Plea to Pastors for Radical Ministry by John Piper
  • The Pleasures of God by John Piper
  • Revelation by Douglas F. Kelly
  • Repentance: The First Word of the Gospel by Richard Owen Roberts
  • Parenting: The 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family by Paul Tripp
  • The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ by Ray Ortlund
  • A History of Western Philosophy and Theology by John Frame

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