“Some Work, Some Shirk”, a Poem

Some feast, some fast, some laugh, some groan.
Some fight their way to promotion.
Some labor and sweat almost unknown;
Some render unselfish devotion.

Some even boast of what we have done,
Some work with consecration;
Some speak only of Jesus the Son,
Some are full of self-adoration.

Some work with an eye on the glory,
Some work with an eye on the pay;
Some run with the Lord’s blessed story,
Some work toward the Judgment Day.

Some tell of Thy great salvation,
Some bury their talent with care;
Some seek to evade tribulation,
Some know the soul-sweat in prayer.

Some doubt the power of Satan,
Some think they’ve done all and just stand;
Some shirk, with skill in evasion,
Some carry the burden He planned.

Some work for the night is coming,
Some toil in the heat of the day;
Some laze their hours just sunning,
Some fill their evenings with play.

Some will rejoice at the Judgement,
With deeds purified through the flame;
Some, with their works only ashes,
Will weep with regret for the shame.

Leonard Ravenhill

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