“Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone”

Listen now to hear the story
Of a vision long ago…
In a dream appeared the nations,
Cut to pieces from below.
Hard they toppled, like a warrior
Taken down from where he stands.
Small, but mighty, worked the agent;
Fashioned not with human hands.

Lo, the cause was disregarded;
Scorned by kings and shunned by men.
Worthless slag, despised as rubble;
Tossed, and sought no more again.
Yet this Stone, divinely favored,
Filled the earth with its acclaim.
He, it was, who gained the title:
”Name above all other names.”

Jesus; Heaven’s Word Eternal;
Rock of Moses; Son of Man!
Him, the builders had rejected―
Cornerstone of God’s own plan.
He has vanquished sin and Satan;
Ever shall His scepter rise!
Praise the Lord Who makes His purpose
Marvelous within our eyes!

Think on Him declared as precious;
Chosen in the sight of God.
“Lord of All,” esteemed by seraphs,
Christ, whose voice is like a rod.
He will shatter earthly kingdoms,
With the haughty, once contend;
Heaven’s stone become a mountain;
His dominion will not end.

Worship now this sure foundation:
Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone.
Stumbling block to those who hate Him;
Crushing those who wrong His own.
One day ev’ry eye shall see Him
Seated on His throne divine―
Justice, there, its firm foundation;
Righteousness, His plumbing line.

Praise Him too, the solid footing
For the house of His delight;
Temple of the Holy Spirit,
Pillar of God’s truth and light―
We, the church― His very body,
Formed from ev’ry tribe and race,
Built as living stones together,
Showing forth the King of grace.

Look to Him, now saint and sinner;
Earnest faith puts none to shame.
Jesus Christ alone is Savior,
Life comes only in His Name.
Stumble not that He entreat thee
Godless ways you should forsake.
Christ, the Corner; Lord forever,
Builds a house no force can shake.

Praise the Son, forever blessed!
Praise the King upon His throne!
Praise the Name no more rejected:
Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone!

K. Hartnett, March 2013

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