“Glorioso Intercambio”

Such a wonderful song, detailing jarring reality of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf.  The King of the Universe, humbled Himself to become mere flesh and bone, and die for the vilest of men.  The glorious exchange of righteousness for wrath is impossible to comprehend, the adoption as a child by the merits of another is incomprehensible to understand.

¿Cómo puede ser que el Bueno y Justo
Se hizo hombre y fuera a morir
Por el más vil pecador?
¿Cómo siendo yo su enemigo
El sufrimiento en mi lugar tomó
En aquella cruz?

Y cargó mi maldad sobre Él
Su rectitud, por la fe, mía es

Aleluya, glorioso intercambio
Oh cuan gran misterio
Que por gracia salvo soy
Aleluya, gloria sea a Cristo
Por su sacrificio
Declarado justo soy en Él

¿Cómo es posible que en Jesús
Como a su Hijo Él me recibió
Y Su nombre llevo hoy?
Su perfecta vida de obediencia al Padre
Al yo creer, Él me otorgó
Y perdón me dio

© 2014 Integridad & Sabiduría Worship (Una división de Ministerios Integridad & Sabiduría)(ASCAP)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)

[below is a English transliteration of the text]

Verse 1
How could the Good and Righteous
One become man and die
For the vilest sinner?
How did I become your enemy?
The suffering in my place took
On that cross?

And charged my wickedness upon Him
His righteousness, by faith, mine is

Hallelujah, glorious exchange
Oh how great a mystery
That by grace I am but Hallelujah,
Glory be to Christ
By his sacrifice
Declared righteous I am in Him

Verse 2
How is it possible that in Jesus,
Like His Son, He received me
And His name I carry today?
His perfect life of obedience to the Father
As I believe, He granted me
And forgiveness gave me

For access to free chord charts and lyrics, go here

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